Our Story

Messy London is not just a brand.

It's a family... it's a story...It's top quality and hand-picked fabrics and products, made with care and attention and a whole lot of heart and soul.

The Messy Team has scoured the earth to bring you the highest quality for the best possible price. But where did we come from? What's our story?

When I was 7 years old, I stopped breathing. Somehow, against the odds, an ambulance got to the house in 4 minutes after 18 days in intensive care, plus three weeks in the hospital, I bounced back and went home. With a new respect for the little things in life. Like how the clothes we wear are a way to show people who we are.

Clothes became less of a necessity and more of a passion for me. From adapting and altering my strict school uniform. (It wasn’t easy to make a polo shirt, jumper and corduroy trousers look cool!) To growing up with a sister who was obsessed with fashion.

Flash forward to 18 years old I found myself in another life-threatening situation. A motorsports accident broke my leg and fractured the other and some other injuries, alongside this i was told that I wouldn’t walk again. Never one to be told what to do, I put everything I had into fixing my injuries and proving everyone wrong. Did I walk again? Of course I did.

And so the MESSY LONDON brand was born. A clothing brand with a heart and a soul. Premium quality fabrics ethically sourced, with fresh modern designs. Including a unique logo, which represents the pulse of my heartbeat as it shattered the flatline on the monitor.

With each item of MESSY LONDON clothing,
we offer you a product with a story and a dream behind it.

When you buy an item from us you are making a dream a reality and for this, we are incredibly grateful, so there will be surprises for you along the way. Be sure to follow us on social media for big updates and surprise handouts and promotions.

From everyone here at Messy HQ, we would like to thank you for all your support.

Be brave and keep it Messy!